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Introduction to Part I -- Seminar Series, Mastering the Protocols for Optimization of Hormone Replacement Therapy

December 05, 2015 9:19 AM | Christiaan Killian (Administrator)

Introduction to Preventive Medicine

If you want to think, feel, act, respond, perform, heal, exercise, and function the way you used to, then hormone replacement (HRT) is your answer. If you want to improve your skin, aesthetics (maintain muscle and burn fat), and look the way you used to, then HRT is your only option. If you want to regain strength, energy, endurance, and recovery, then HRT is you only hope. If you want to improve health, wellness, longevity, quality of life, then HRT is a must. If you want to improve libido, sexual response, erectile function, and orgasmic ability for both you and your spouse, then you both need to be on hormones. If you want to live a longer, happier, healthier life with less morbidity (increased health span), then HRT is for you. If you want to offer these same quality of life benefits for your patients, then you need to incorporate this into your practice. If you want to get it back again, then you must optimize all of your hormones. Sound far-fetched? Not according to the medical literature. There is tremendous scientific support in our medical literature demonstrating the benefits of hormone optimization which is termed anti-aging, age management medicine, or simply preventive medicine. This medical information is in so much demand by the public,  yet it is ignored by physicians.

This presentation reviews the importance of HRT. What it is, what it isn't, and what it does from a scientific standpoint. Peer reviewed medical research is extensively reviewed to demonstrate all that is known in our literature, yet not embraced or utilized by most physicians and medical academies. This new trend in medicine will be reviewed and analyzed as to the validity of the claims and to enable you to understand the importance of this therapy for both you and your patients. There is no better compliment to your practice. Dr. Rouzier will explain how the practice of age management medicine has changed his practice of medicine, his life, the lives of his patients, and the lives and medical practice for so many of past course attendees.


1) Review the new trend in medicine of optimal hormone replacement therapy.

2) Review the co-morbidities associated with low hormone levels.

3) Discuss the scientific basis behind optimal hormone replacement = life extension = anti-aging = preventive medicine = age management medicine.

4) Discuss the patient and consumer demands as well as awareness as to how any physician can incorporate age management medicine into their medical practice.

5) Evaluate medical studies as they pertain to optimizing thyroid, estrogen, progesterone, DHEA, and testosterone and the resultant effects on health, wellness, debility, obesity and longevity.

6) Interpret labs, establish protocols and manage cases.

7) "Monday morning ready" to start treating your patients.

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